Covid-19 Updates

October 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Before we opened back up for guests in May, we cleared away the clutter and those that had stayed with us before the pandemic noticed the changes in the common areas and guest rooms. It is much easier to keep things cleaned and sanitized if surfaces are free from items that may be “high touch”. But things have been going well, traffic has slowed down so this week, we decided to bring out 3 Halloween decorations.

We continue to keep a regular schedule for cleaning and sanitizing our guest areas. We are also maintaining the practice of leaving guest rooms vacant for 2 days between guests. Room amenities that cannot be run through the dishwasher or washing machine are sanitized and rested for a minimum of 3 days. And guests must wear masks indoors except when in their own rooms or when eating.

The diligence of our citizens has paid off. We are pleased to report that as of this morning, October 19, 2020, our county (Clallam) remains in the Covid low risk category with only 10 active cases county wide. Our County Health Department was even going to begin talks with the state to see what will need to happen so that our county can move to Phase 3 of the Governor’s 4 phase plan for reopening the state.

We appreciate the responsibility and understanding shown by our guests. Stay safe and stay healthy!