Fall in Forks

August 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Labor Day is almost upon us, meaning that the end of summer is at hand.  Last week we had a particularly warm and sunny week, but the evenings cooled off dramatically, reminding us that fall is on its way.

Recent outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus have school officials pondering what that means for the opening of schools.  Many schools are opening with on-line only classes or schedules that have students coming some days and on line other days.  This means that some families now have more flexibility to vacation during a time that they would not normally consider.  September can be a grand month to explore the Olympic Peninsula.  The weather is usually good, our days a long and there are less people trying to visit Olympic National Park.  Maybe 2020 is the time to try a fall get away.  The Miller Tree Inn is here for you.