Gardening on the Olympic Peninsula

July 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Gardening on the Olympic Peninsula and especially, Forks can be a mixed bag.  Though we have fairly mild temperatures in the winter, we are very overcast and rainy for much of the year.  This year, it was especially so.  Our local produce stand delayed their opening until last week because we hadn’t had the right conditions, yet to produce.  We have finally gotten some warm and sunny weather to help in the ripening process and the produce stand, which benefits Sarge’s Place, is up and running.  Sarge’s Place provides housing for veterans.  They also help vets with other things that they might need and we are happy to support their efforts whenever we can.  In addition to the produce stand, they have a second hand store.  If you are in the Forks area, we hope that you will check it out. But, back to gardening…our challenge this year has been the acre of grass surrounding the inn.  That grass LOVES the rain and it would be up to our knees in no time.  This is typically the time of year, where we don’t need to mow as often because no or little rain keeps the growth to a minimum.  Not this year! Ruth and Alan spent a fair amount of time this spring, before we had guests tidying up the grounds.  We appreciate their efforts on our behalf. But the real surprise for us this year is our fuschia and astilbe garden in front of our fire escape. We planted it 10 years ago or more.  This is the first time that the fuschia and astilbe have bloomed at the same time. It is wild and beautiful and it has been the best surprise for us.  Hope your garden brings a smile to your face!