Miller Tree Inn and Covid-19 Update

May 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

We are taking a break this week from writing about all the wonderful places to visit in Olympic National Park.  We hope that we will be open to receive guests by June 1, but timelines are still elusive right now as our local and state governments decide on how best to proceed while keeping the population safe.  Because there is much concern and confusion, we have added a Covid-19 button to the front page of our website.  We will keep this page updated as circumstances change, but it might help anyone looking to make a reservation to understand how we plan to reopen, once we feel we are ready to do so.  It will also explain what changes you can expect to encounter until things return to “normal.” In addition to the items we mention on our website, be have made some decisions about the outside of our facility, particularly as it relates to our “Twilight” fans.  Many of whom come, just to visit our front porch and take pictures.  Please read on for more information. The Miller Tree Inn has been closed to non-essential travelers since March 23, 2020, in compliance with our state’s “Stay Home.  Stay Healthy.” order from the Governor’s office.  The first priority is to keep our guests, employees and ourselves safe.  Also, we have a responsibility to the larger Forks community to not expose anyone unnecessarily to COVID-19. Because we do not have the staff, resources or supplies to make sure our front porch area is safe and sanitized, we have made the difficult decision to also close our grounds and the porch to visitors.  We have temporarily removed the Graduation Cap artwork from our front room, the messages from Esme on the front porch and other “Twilight” memorabilia. We understand the enthusiasm of our “Twilight” fans, better than most.  There is great excitement in the “Twilight” universe about the upcoming release of “Midnight Sun” and we are excited too!  We hope that by doing our part, we will be somewhat back to normal in September for the Forever Twilight in Forks festival.  We worry that if people do not follow the stay at home and social distancing rules now, the festival will have to be cancelled like so many other events. The mailbox located out at the driveway, still has the Cullen name on it and pictures may be taken from the road.  We are asking visitors to refrain from coming on to the Miller Tree Inn grounds.
We hope everyone will stay safe and healthy and we look forward to welcoming you back one day soon!