Rialto Beach is Open!

June 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Rialto Beach opened for day use again on June 18 and we could not be more pleased.  Rialto beach is an excellent place to see tide pool life at low tide.  The best tide pools are about a mile or so down the beach toward “Hole in the Wall”.  Most rocks that are uncovered by receding tides along the way, though will show signs of star fish, mussels, etc. Be sure to wear good, sturdy shoes for walking the beach.  Rialto is known for being a rocky and pebbly beach and that can make it a challenge to walk.  There are many large drift logs on the beach to sit on or lean back against to just enjoy the scenery and wave action.  Certain times of the year you can see the smelt come in, or seals or brown pelicans and other sea birds. Rialto is also our favorite beach to go to see a sunset.  It is easy access and there are picnic tables and restrooms.  We like to pick up burgers or other take out items and have a picnic on the beach.