Ruby Beach and the Kalaloch Beaches

Ruby Beach is about a 40 minute drive to the south of the Miller Tree Inn along scenic highway 101.  Ruby beach is a favorite of your innkeepers, Bill and Susan.  It is the first place they kissed more than 37 years ago!  Bill tells our guests that Ruby is a dangerous beach because it is the first place he kissed his wife and now he has a bed and breakfast!  Regardless, Ruby is a beautiful beach with lots of sea stacks off the coastline and it is a pretty easy downhill walk from the parking area.  It supposedly got its name from having ruby colored sand in different places.  We have have searched diligently and have maybe found some evidence of that in the right light around the bank with the clay soil.

Kalaloch beaches 1 – 6 each have a slightly different personality.  Some are broad and sandy and others have low rocks perfect for tide pool life.  All are worth exploring.  The beach nearest the Kalaloch campground has a feature known to us around here as “the Tree of Life.”  It is an easy walk and well worth the time for a picture.

We encourage all of our guests to enjoy the rugged Washington coastline.  We also recommend keeping watch on the tide tables.  We think that the best time for the beach is 2 hours before low tide to two hours after low tide.