Visiting Lake Crescent

April 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Lake Crescent is a 10 mile long Lake in Olympic National Park. Highway 101 follows along side the lake between Port Angeles and Forks.  Lake Crescent is a beautiful, blue, deep and cold water lake and is worth a stop to explore.  There are some places where you can rent water craft to paddle your way across or around the lake.  Lake Crescent Lodge, Fairholme Store and the Log Cabin resort, are all seasonal businesses and will rent self powered craft such as kayaks.  Some motorized boats can be seen on the lake, but they have to pass a special inspection. This inspection is only available for a limited time.  Near Lake Crescent Lodge is the Barnes Point Ranger Station.  The walk to Marymere Falls is popular and takes off from this parking area.  Other hikes into the interior of the park begin from here, also, so you may see some serious backpackers on your day hikes.  Another favorite walk in this area is the Moments in Time trail.  This trail begins near the Lodge and provides a bit of a history lesson of the area.  Across Lake Crescent from the Lodge is the Spruce Railroad Trail which is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail. This is a walking and biking trail and leads through some restored railroad tunnels.  This railroad was built during World War 1 to hall spruce off of the Olympic Peninsula for  building aircraft.  The railroad was not finished until after the war was over. And though it was used to transport logs from the Forks area to Port Angeles for export and/or milling, it had a limited life.  We are fortunate that it has become part of the Olympic Discovery Trail system.  Lake Crescent is a great place to explore.