Visiting Sol Duc

April 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Sol Duc area is a lovely spot to visit when exploring Olympic National Park.  It takes about 45 minutes to get from the Miller Tree Inn to the Sol Duc Falls parking area.  However, if you are visiting in the spring or fall, be sure to stop at the pull out at Salmon Cascades.  If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the fish making their way back of the river to spawn.  It is an incredible sight.  You will find yourself cheering for the fish to jump and make it to the next level and catching your breath as they slip back and gather strength to try again. Once you get to car park, you will find a fairly level 3/4 mile hike up to the falls.  Sol Duc Falls is one of the most photographed places in the National Park.  For good reason.  It is a mystical and magical place.  The hillsides surrounding the river are lush and green.  You can feel the spray from the falls, cool you on a hot day and if you are really blessed, you might be graced with a rainbow over the falls. There are other longer hikes that you can go on from the same parking lot, if you have the time and experience.  The High Divide is a popular hike, as is the hike up to Deer Lake. If you are finished with enjoying the falls at mealtime, stop in at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Lodge on your way back to Highway 101.  There is a seasonal restaurant that is normally quite good.  Or, get a day pass and enjoy a soak in the hot pools.