The Miller Tree Inn has been designated the “Cullen House” of Forks, Washington. Though the film’s representation of the vampire home is a modern treehouse found in Portland, our inn closely matches Stephenie Meyer‘s description of the Cullen family home right here in the town where the story is set. The Cullens travel from Washington frequently, so chances of seeing them are slim—but not zero—however, the innkeepers speak “Twilight” fluently and are under strict orders to take special care Carlisle & Esme’s overnight guests. A complete Forks Twilight experience must include some imagination and a stay at the Cullen House, especially since it’s located directly down the street from the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, the world’s only Twilight museum.

The Miller Tree Inn is also home to many of the town’s Twilight events. Attending Forks’ Forever Twilight in Forks Festival is the only time The Cullens’ make their home available for tours and take the liberty of welcoming you themselves. Miller Tree Inn is also the cofounder of Forks’ FTF Equinox, a book oriented Twilight experience.

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Vampires aren’t the only supernatural residents you can find in Forks. In addition to being the home of the Cullens, the Miller Tree Inn is also known as the Cedar Creek Inn in The Summoned Series. The bed and breakfast is a longtime favorite of Summoned heroine, Hadley Weston. “The Summoned Series” is a fantasy book series written by the Miller Tree’s very own Mary Beth Thurman, also known as M.B. Thurman

In Summoned, Hadley Weston reunites with her handsome and enigmatic lover, Fitz MacGregor, and discovers an unbelievable truth: Fitz is a witch, and so is she.

As Hadley navigates a new world of magic and invasive government officials, she partners with Fitz to gain control over her powers and recover a long-lost MacGregor family artifact, a ring originating in the seventeenth century witch trials in Scotland with the potential to endanger all of witchkind. As they rekindle their romance, Hadley and Fitz must work together to find the ring before it falls into the wrong hands.

Fans of A Discovery of Witches and The Magicians will be swept away on a journey of love.. magic, and self-discovery in this love letter to travel and found family.

Miller Tree Inn transforms into Summoned’s Cedar Creek Inn numerous times a year—most notably on the front end of the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival —for events themed around Thurman’s characters. Head to our events page for photos of previous Summoned events held at the inn, and follow the links below to discover the world of The Summoned Series.

The Summoned Series

M.B. Thurman

To you, she’s innkeeper Mary Beth, but to most, she’s author M.B. Thurman. Thurman traded her career as an executive assistant to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an author. She spends her time writing and running and remodeling the notable Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast, of which she is the proud owner. Though her Southern roots run deep, Thurman has adapted to the lifestyle of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and feisty feline, Midnight.

An avid traveler, Thurman’s book settings are inspired by the stunning places she’s visited — especially by areas of the world that are brimming with magic and the echos of ancient marvels. M.B. Thurman’s mind is one to be explored as she navigates the journey of independent publishing and steps into the world of producing. Her company, Firecracker Entertainment, is dedicated to bringing Thurman’s novels to life through immersive storytelling in mediums ranging from screen to audio and beyond. Summoned is her debut novel, and the sequel, Crossed is set to release in September 2023.

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